Illegal Online Gambling Charges Served To German Punter

Germany is a country that has evolved better than most around the globe. Their school infrastructure, driving infrastructure system and so much more is far more superior than the likes of Northern America & most of Europe. Germany also doesn’t stand for illegal online gambling in their country, it is a serious crime that can result in serious issues for whoever commits the crime. Recently one German punter committed this crime while gambling online & playing Blackjack. Somehow this player was able to enter an unlicensed game where he somehow cheated the system so he won the majority of hands he played. This resulted in thousands of Euro’s being stolen from other players across Germany & the European Union.

Germany flag

As of right now this player has officially been charged with gambling online illegally. He has been sentenced with an unannounced amount of jail time and he has had all of the funds earned from illegal operations confiscated by the German Authorities. A total of EUR 63,490 was confiscated from this player and he also had to pay a fine of EUR 2,100. Apparently his jail time is severe but that information isn’t being revealed as any information linking to their players whereabouts can result in injury on this criminal. This is why we are unaware of his name, which prison his he staying at or what jail time he is serving.

We will keep you posted on the on going’s of this story. We suspect that this German citizen won’t be released for a long time to come.

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