Using other Players to your Advantage

blackjack table

When you are buying a new car and the salesmen slips up and gives you information that you picked up on that will see you save a few grand off the purchase price you will jump on it in a flash – right? So why not do the same thing when sitting at a poker table?

It is not uncommon to see some players fail to realize that they hold a profit generating hand. Often it is players with limited skills that make these errors as they tend to focus more on winning period versus winning more. Usually they will fair to split a hand or double down for fear they may lose. Playing blackjack in this way will never find those players on the winning end overall.

These mistakes are made because many of those players have failed to grasp basic strategy in blackjack. An experienced player, when faced with the same situation, will understand the value of splitting or doubling down. Yes there is an increase risk as doing so requires that you place an additional wager but the payoff is a calculated risk that can easily increase their bankroll and in fact allow them to become profitable.

There are many players who play the game of blackjack to earn added income. These are the players who have invested the time needed to gain information and understand various different strategies they can use to place them in a position that is advantageous for them to realize a profit most times they play. They use other players to gain profit often through playing hands one player is unwilling to risk playing. Often they will risk their own money in order to play another players hand and will split the profit or suffer the loss should the result be negative.

Another way to use other players is with the double down bets. This is due to some casinos allowing for reduced double down wagers. A experienced player will offer to cover the balance of the wager and therefore profit from that players unwillingness to wager the full amount. Experienced players understand that doubling the full wager is the correct strategy to take and is what will allow them to be a profitable player overall.

It is imperative if you fall into this category of play to learn correct strategy. Do not simply read it and think you have it figured out. You need to practice it for an extended time while you truly grasp how that strategy will improve the results you currently are seeing. A good method to use to do this is playing in free mode at any number of online casinos. You will be able to apply the techniques you have learned and monitor how they are improving your blackjack game overall.

Those players that fail to do so should resign themselves as casual players who only play the game for entertainment and have no aspirations to ever becoming profitable at the game. While there is nothing wrong with this it is somewhat unconventional as most people want to see a gain over the initial bankroll they started with.