The difference between Live and Online Blackjack

There are many in the world of Blackjack who are against playing the game online. Some will be in the mindset that using actual cards will place them in a position to win more whereas playing through the use of blackjack online lessens those odds. The reality is both are equal and if one understands how online games are operated, it is not hard to see each offers great opportunities. In some instances, it is actually superior to play online versus live and there are a number of reasons to justify such a claim.

Here are a few of those for you to consider:

Lower Table Minimums

The minimum amounts that are often set for wagering online at lower. The average is $1 but there are many that will allow for wagers as low as $0.25. Locating a table in a land based casino offering these limits is unheard of and generally begin at $5 per hand with many being set at $10 or higher. The result is the need for a larger bankroll and higher risk is also prevalent playing in this environment versus online.


Favorable Odds and Higher Payouts

One factor to take into consideration is that playing live means waiting on other players. Often you find game play to be slower as people ponder decisions. Online, this is not the case as you playing at a single player table against the dealer. The only time factor would be the number of active hands per game. Therefore the payouts tends to be better due to the volume of hands one can play in any given session.

Superior Comps

Player comps are an important part of any gamblers overall experience. In live casinos, if playing blackjack, you generally are not able to take advantage of comps unless playing higher table limits, low limit comp perks are just not awarded. However, when playing at a casino online, all game play goes towards earning those comps and in most cases, those comps are in the form of cash. Comps online may also take the form of special deposit bonuses, advancement into VIP programs and flat out cash gifts. As you look into this side of online play, using respected resources will pay off in the long run. One respect resource is, a website designed to providing accurate information on where blackjack can be playing online as well as many other valuable gambling related content.

Dealers are Non-existent

There is no need to be critical of dealers as they perform an essential role in live casinos, however they can make mistakes. When you are engaging in play online, that part of the equation is removed. The need to be concerned about a misplayed hand or a misdeal is vanished. That also increasing potential profits and the volume of hands one is playing.

At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preferences. The differences we explained to you in this article are meant to give you information to consider, not sway you one way or the other. In fact, a balance between the two will likely be your choosing as you explore each.