Wagering in Blackjack

Blackjack, as outlined at Wikipedia, is a casino game played with cards at a table. Your objective is to get closer to a 21 card value total than the dealer, but also not to go over and bust as you will lose. Players start with 2 cards and can choose to stay if on or close enough to 21 or hit when another card will be required.

Here we will have a look at different wagering options in Blackjack and the effects they have on your pocket and the game. I will also explain what I consider a decent playing method is, which you are welcome to modify and make it your own. All the information below will be based on a half percentage house edge, which means 0.5% of your wager goes to the house, on a $10.00 bet this amount will be $0.50 per bet.

Using same wager amount

Players who bet the same amounts in each bet are more likely to play it safe as it makes it easier to calculate winning possibilities and losses. This type of wagering is called flat betting, which means the same amount of chips (money) is used in each hand.


Flat better may not be the most exciting way to play, but for players who have a limited amount of chips to play with its definitely the most effective way to keep yourself in the game for longer. Calculating the theoretical loss per hour becomes easy when flat betting is used. You simply take the amount of hands played per hour and multiply it by the house edge. Less assume $10 is played per hand, which gives a house edge of $0.50. Multiply this by the amount of hand played, assuming 100 hands per house will give you a theoretical loss of $50.00 per hour.

In the long run flat betting may not be the best way to go as you are more likely to lose with the house edge, but this is definitely the best way to start off with just until you hit your first winning streak. Flat betting will lower the “swing” in your bankroll as well, which means no bit loses or winnings will be obtained. To go either way a streak of wins or losses will be required.

Progression Betting

Progression betting is basically when you increase the amount wagered with each hand. The betting edge will remain the same amount at 0.5%, which means when wagering more dollars the house edge will also increase in dollars, but more winnings can be obtained.

The best way to start with this type of wagering is to increase on a win. Meaning if you start with $10.00 per hand and win, increase it to $20.00 for the next hand, should you win again increase to $30.00. The more you wager the more you can win, but also be sure to have your limits. A 3 step progression wagering option is a great way to ensure your loses also remain low. Never increase the wager on a lost hand, Should a lost hand be presented reset your strategy and start with $10.00 again.

Where to Find the Best Places to Play Blackjack

This can be a complicated process but with the help of sites that are geared towards providing value added information about the many casinos online offering blackjack, you will save a substantial amount of time. One of those is PokieCasino.com. They include a list of reputable casinos offering multiple versions of the game. They also have an article about Why Blackjack continues to be a popular Table Game, that may be useful in better understanding its appeal. Be sure to check this out.