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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Betfair Goes Down!

Betfair, one of the largest online betting sites on the web went down this weekend. On Saturday, October 25th during the peak betting time Betfair went down. This in return caused for a major uproar with punters and caused for Betfair to lose potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. This isn’t the first time that Betfair has experienced an outage before, there have been multiple incidents in the past where their betting exchange went down due to connections with the […]

Denmark 888 Casino Launches!

Denmark stands as one of the more stunning locations within the European Union. Though tourism is massive in the country, the citizens whom live there still need to find entertainment. Luckily a new form of entertainment has arisen for these people. 888 Casino has officially announced that they’ve opened up their Denmark based online casino. This came as a major shock to many as it was suspected that it’d be until at least early 2016 before this casino would be […]

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