Blackjack – is skill or is it luck?

Blackjack Table

To answer the question the game is a matter of luck and also skill, both of these factors come into play while you’re playing the game of blackjack or any either card game out there. The game cannot be considered just a game of luck and nothing else for there are strategies that have been proven to increase you’re payout ratio as a player. With every card game there are moments when you will have winning steaks and this is luck but if you want the long term effect of those winning streaks than a strategy is what you will need. A real blackjack player will the play the game like it is supposed to be played and that is with some serious strategy, it is proven all players who play like this win more than those who don’t.

There are certain players who played on a land based casino that are considered card counters for their ability to well simply count cards. This ability is not one that is simple though it is far from it for very few people around the world can master the talent of card counts. The land based casinos absolutely hate card counts because it makes the casino suffer a loss on that player, a study recently shown makes the prediction that a land based casino will lose 2% on a card counter player which may not seem like a lot but it can mean serious dollars for the land based casinos. If a player at an land based casino were to argue that blackjack is not a game a chance than that casino would and still will refuse them entry into their facility in the chances that they are card counters.

The truth of the matter is that blackjack is a game that can be beaten and won by using basic and extreme blackjack strategies. This only increases the amount of people who will play the game of blackjack because everyone likes a game with a challenge and that especially includes gamblers because its fun to know that if you gain a unique and certain strategy than you can gain some serious money. Those types of players who enjoy those certain games will never play at games like a slot machine but a slot machine is absolutely 100% a game that is only a game of chance. The largest amount of profit a online casino will receive is from a slot machine game because the majority of people who play slot games lose the money they have deposited. So since blackjack players like a game that involve strategy, skill and intelligence you would never see them playing at a game like slot machines.

A gambler who has recently just started playing online blackjack will hear the term of counting cards quiet often and this is due to a few of people online using programs to remember the cards that have been dealt previously in order to get an edge on the game and over the other players. A famous group of gamblers from Boston are famous for doing this. Though this should be remembered that this technology is very expensive unless you create it yourself and the ability to count cards, remember the previous cards and count all the other ones at the table is an extremely difficult thing to do. It is nearly impossible to do on your own without the help of a program on a computer and a computer device.

An extremely skilled card counter will keep the math at the basics and use small numbers to understand the cards that have been previously dealt and the cards that are still remaining within the deck. You must remember that there are many types of blackjack available to be played online and each one has a different scenario of decks that can be played. So depending on which blackjack game you are playing you can see how it would be difficult for a card counter to be able to do this all on his own.