PokerStars Sponsoring $100k Blackjack Tournament

As promised Amaya Gaming, the owners of PokerStars are continuing to branch out from just offering poker. This is a major deal as the globe’s largest online poker firm is finally making its way to offering a magnitude of different products. Today it was revealed that from February 6th to February 14th, the first ever Blackjack Tournament worth $100,000 will be available to be played at PokerStars. This’ll surely not just attract players who’ve already played at a PokerStars event but it’ll also interest hundreds of new players to register at the event.


Those who want to join in on this tournament will be required to buy in at $500 minimum. This is a large amount to say the least but when considering the potential prize money, it’s a small amount. This event won’t be taking place online, instead it’ll take place at Atlantis Casino, Reno. Unfortunately, this also means that everyone who wants to attend will be required to go all the way to Reno, Nevada in order to register.

The rules for this tournament have yet to be released by PokerStars & as of right now the amount of positions available are also unknown. This is due to the fact that PokerStars is still pre-determining all that in the next coming week. Depending on the popularity this tournament receives they’ll allow for a larger or smaller amount of people to enter the tournament.

Anyone wanting to experience blackjack on PokerStars need only register an account, either for real or fun money. Those who deposit may take advantage of a number of different promotions, both for new players and ongoing promotions as well.

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