Multi-Deck Blackjack

multi-deck blackjackIn a blackjack games shoe the number of decks in play makes a vital role in the game itself. On the rare occasion you might find a single deck blackjack shoe game but for the majority of the games it’ll be two decks that are in play instead of one.

In the online casino community there are so many different versions of blackjack and it can sometimes get confusing. Just because one casino and another casino have the same number of decks in play won’t mean that the house edge is the same, it can be just the opposite.

You should always be aware of the rules of the game at hand. If you look up the rules than you know which game is favorable to you and which aren’t favorable to you as a player. Down below in this article we will give you some information on some rules and what to look for in the house edge.

2 Deck Games – Vegas downtown blackjack is a well known game that is played with two decks. This game in unique because if the dealer is to a hit a soft 17 and it’ll let you double any of your cards after you’ve made a split. Make sure you keep your eye out for this game; it’s a bit of a harder game to find but a good game to play either way.

4 Deck Games – If you want to lets say play a four deck game than a good four deck game to look out for is one that’ll have the dealer positioned on a 17. Some of these four deck games will allow you to double down after you have completed a split and generally the house edge is at a 0.34%.

5 Deck Games – A five deck blackjack is a rare game to find and if were to crossways with one of these games than it’ll let the dealer position himself on a 17. The player will be allowed to double down after a split move has been made moments earlier. These games will let you split up to four hands with the option of an early surrender. This’ll mean you can presume the house edge will be 0.47%.

6 Deck Games – There are of course different versions of a six deck blackjack game but the one six deck game that rules over all other games is one that lets the players play the small house edge of simply a 0.03%. These games are generally played with the following rules.

A six deck game is more than likely a no peek game and the dealer will be positioned a soft 17. A player will be allowed to double on a 11, 10 or a 9. You also have the option as a play to double down after you have just made a split and you can if you feel like it go with an early surrender, another option available to you.

If you can find a six deck blackjack game with those rules than we suggest you take a seat and start playing because you won’t find a much better blackjack game around.