Betfair Goes Down!

Betfair, one of the largest online betting sites on the web went down this weekend. On Saturday, October 25th during the peak betting time Betfair went down. This in return caused for a major uproar with punters and caused for Betfair to lose potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.


This isn’t the first time that Betfair has experienced an outage before, there have been multiple incidents in the past where their betting exchange went down due to connections with the server. It’s no surprise that once again Betfair hasn’t revealed any reasoning as to why these issues have occurred. This outage lasted throughout the course of Saturday,causing for lost revenueas a result. This meant that all blackjack titles, video poker titles, roulette titles and slots were no longer available to the public. Blackjack was unfortunately the first game which started to have reported issues around 4:30 in the morning of Saturday.

Betfair made a Tweet regarding this issue saying, “The Exchange is currently back up and running with the servers. There are a few markets which are currently suspected & those issues are still being investigated until a solution is acquired.” Unfortunately no reasoning as to why all their betting severs were down originally on Saturday was given. There have not been any further issues have been reported since Saturday. Hopefully another outage isn’t seen for months or possibly years to come. Analysts suspect that either due to weather near their server’s base or due to a potential hack, then the servers went down and caused for the outage. It’s more than likely that they experienced a short hack which was quickly adverted thanks to the various security protocols that are put in place within the servers.

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