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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mr. Green Board of Directors Loses Shareholder

Mr. Green stands as one of the more popular Scandinavian based online/mobile casinos. Their known for providing punters from all around the European Union with an outstanding gambling experience. It is this experience that has allowed for Mr. Green to grow into the popular gambling property that it stands as today. Mr. Green being such a powerful online casino has many Shareholders, the largest being on the Board of Directors. Unfortunately Mr. Green lost one of their largest shareholders this […]

Blackjack Increases Brain Usage

Recently scientists located in Iowa, USA studied various blackjack players from different nations to test out how much their brain usage increased while playing the game. These scientists got these players to test out slot machines, roulette games, poker games and various other casino games. They recorded their brain patterns while they were playing these games and then they let these players experience blackjack. The second these punters started to blackjack their brain usage increased by 22.4% compared to everyone […]

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