Gambling Apps Contain Less Malware Then Bible Apps

It’s come as a surprise to many that Religious based smartphone apps are far more likely by a percentage of 85% to have malware throughout the software over gambling apps. A new study which was conducted by “Proofpoint”, a cyber security outfit designed to fight off malware viruses of all different levels.

This study was set out to determine as to if gambling apps truly deserve the reputation of having malware coded software. This company reviewed over twenty-three thousand IOS, Android & Windows gambling applications. These apps were defined by either offering blackjack, roulette, bingo, solitaire and other card games running on 5.6b download speeds.


The study revealed that out of the only 0.22% of gambling apps have malicious software within their coding while 3.7% of all Religious applications have malicious software in their coding. This means that user’s information, SMS Messages, GPS Location and much more are sold to various companies around the globe.
Out of any card based gambling app it was Blackjack which remained most malware free. Only 0.09 of Roulette apps combined on all mobile platforms have malware built into its software. This essentially means that Blackjack players are the safest out of any mobile gambler.

This can become a security risk for anyone. Luckily there have been large news based websites reporting on this study such as CalvinAyre, LCB and even BBC. This is somewhat ironic though as the Bible & most Religions state that gambling is a sin, yet information which is private is being sold by more “Religious” based companies then gambling based companies

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