Man pleads guilty of online gambling crimes

A man from New Jersey has just admitted in front of the justice the fact that he helped and run a crime ring related to an online gambling website from Costa Rica. The website we are talking about is

His name is Kenneth Baran and he is a 50 years old man from Newark. He pleaded guilty of doing illegal sports betting and also helping the other 13 different people that were accused of the same crime.

The Feds started to investigate the BetEagle website back in 2010 and the conclusion of the investigation is that they were conducting online gambling activities in New Jersey. The criminal group were placing bets on that website for the customers and after that they were collecting the money. If a customer refused to pay, he was threatened.

Mr. Baran is now scheduled to go to prison at the beginning of 2014 for two years and he also has to pay a fine of up to $250k.

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