Las Vegas Gambling Revenue’s Jump 5.4% In April

Las Vegas is home to sin city, one of the most entertaining cities in the world. This a city where millions upon millions can be won, a city where Jeff Dunham to Chris Angel can be seen in one night. It seems that this is becoming once again more widely known to the public as gambling revenues have soared up by 5.4%.

Las Vegas

Overall casinos where able to take in a total of $879.9 Million within the month of April. This is just shy of $1 billion which is an incredible amount of to be made in just thirty one days. $601.5 Million came from slot machines but the big surprise is Blackjack, normally blackjack will only bring in roughly $20 million per month but this month the main jump in revenue came from blackjack as a total of $81.8 million was earned through this game.

Sports betting is on a major decline this month as only $7.9 million was earned through sports betting, this section of the gambling revenue earned this month is down by 15%. This is an incredible amount to be down by which is why so many casinos have begun to get rid of their sports betting sections in order to make way for more slots or table games.

It’s expected that even a larger profit was made in May due to the Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather boxing match which took place at MGM Casino. Those results won’t be revealed till the end of June. We’ll inform you as to how much Las Vegas made in the month of June once that information is known to us.

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