Land based slot machine games to be released online by Ainsworth

Ainsworth Game Technology is an online Australian land based betting firm and today they announced that they have made a deal with ComTrade Gaming. This new deal will see some of Comtrade’s most famous land based slot machine games formatted for online gambling. This will give you the opportunity to receive the same experience you would get from a land based casino but online.

Ainsworth Game Technology CEO Danny Gladstone commented on this new deal saying, “ComTrade Gaming has provided us with the technology that we need to support the high level land based slot machine games that they have created throughout the years. This will be a lengthily development process for our software team but the end result will be our players being able to experience some of the top notch land based slots from the comfort of their home on their computer.”

The general manager for ComTrade Ales Gornjec also commented on this new saying, “Ainsworth Gaming Technology is a famous and well respected online software developer with some history at land based casinos. We look forward to seeing what Ainsworth does with our games and we look forward to all future projects with the software developer.’

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