Everybody’s Jackpot Triggered Again

There aren’t a large amount of slot machines on the internet that provide progressive jackpot wins on a bi-weekly basis. The majority of the slots that are available on the internet don’t have a large amount of player activity which in return means that the progressives can’t grow to a profitable amount. There are a couple of slots in the online gambling market that have a mass amount of player activity and one of these slots is “Everybody’s Jackpot”, since this slot has a mass amount of player activity the progressive jackpot is able to be triggered on a bi-weekly basis.

This week a player spinning the reels on Everybody’s Jackpot won $245,678. This is one of the lower progressives to be won through this slot but none the less it is still a large amount of money to win for any punter, you’d never win a large amount of cash such as this at a land based slot machine. This is why online gambling has become ten times more popular then land based gambling, the winning opportunities are greater and the wins are more profitable.

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Playtech, a software developer which will rarely make a statement regarding a jackpot win went out of their way to make a statement this time around saying, “We would just like to thank every punter who plays Everybody’s Jackpot. You have allowed for one slot machine to grow into something bigger, something more that we never thought it could be. Every two weeks or more we write out a check and send it to a lucky punter because the progressive jackpot on Everybody’s Jackpot is won on such a regular basis. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re helping to change the lives of punters everywhere.”

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